OUR 2021 CSA! 

The 2021 Season is sold out!
Thank you for your support again this year!
If you would like to be notified when 2022 sign-ups are open please send us a quite note to:

We are now officially open for 2021 CSA sign-ups!  Pickups are Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays, and we're once again offering the Produce, Cut Flower and Beer CSA programs, as well as fresh egg and meat-share add ons from our friends.

You can download the full CSA information packet here.

You can pay online at our webstore here.

Feel free to sign up via the webstore, by mailing up a printed packet with a check, or by stopping in the taproom during any our business hours to drop off payment or pay via credit card.

Any questions? Give us a call, email, or swing by the taproom!



We grow all our produce on site, in soil, and outside in our 2.5 acre garden. Starting mostly from seed, we grow seedlings to transplant starting with celery and onions in January; brassicas in February; tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in March and thousands of seeds in between.  While not certified, everything is grown using 100% organic practices, with no chemicals ever, using the life in the soil and above it to produce nutrient-rich, flavorful vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Each year over 30 different varieties of food are given to our members, made up of heirloom or native varieties chosen for our climate and maximum flavor.

The season runs 16 weeks, with pickups on Mondays, Thursday or Friday in our brewery.  Two sizes are offered ("half" and "full") depending on your family size and cooking routine.

Space is limited each year to what our farm and produce, so if you're interested check out the sign up form now. We're also always happy to answer any questions you have, so don't hesitate to reach out about or growing practices, how the summer logistics work, or anything else!  Full details are in the CSA Sign-Up Form.


We grow a variety of flowers for our pollinators: gladiolas, zinnias, dahlias, daisies, strawflowers, gallardia, ammobium, salvia, monarda, mint, feverfew, bupleurum, snap dragons, yarrow, sunflowers, hyssop, lavender, statice, celosia, dianthus, sage, hollyhocks, gomphrena, echinacea, sunchokes, calendula, tansy, rudbeckia, bells of ireland, lilies, and many, many more.

Our flowers are picked fresh with your vegetables, and arranged into bouquet each week before your pickup.  By joining the Cut Flower CSA, not only are you supporting our farm, but you're supporting our ability to maintain a diverse set of habitat for beneficial insects on our farm, including bees that service our on-site hives as well as other native pollinators and beneficial insects that help lower crop damage. 

For details on the schedule and to sign up, please see our CSA Sign-Up Form.


bEER csa

Our beer CSA is available to all customers as a discounted, weekly growler fill program that runs the length of the CSA growing season.  We've found customers who come in for vegetables often enjoy also taking home a growler of our newest (or, simply their favorite) available beer.  The program is open to anyone and is our only discounted beer program, in 32 oz or 64 oz options.  Sign up on the main CSA Sign-Up form our in our taproom during regular hours.

mEAT csa

We are happy to partner again this year with our friends The Straights of Whiffletree Farm, a pasture-based, GMO-free, ecologically focused chicken, pork and beef farm also located in Fauquier County.  We offer their products as a convenient add on to your produce pickup at our brewery for those interested in high quality proteins to take with your vegetables (and/or flowers and beer!).  Small and large sized meat shares are available, as well as a dedicated whole chicken option.  Details are in our CSA Sign-Up form.


We are happy to offer eggs from pasture-raised laying hens from our friends The Straights of Whiffletree Farm.  The hens are rotated frequently and constantly on fresh grass, resulting in vibrant, nutrient rich eggs.  Our Produce CSA customers can add a dozen eggs (or more) to their weekly pickup at our brewery for those interested in a convenient add on.  Details are in our CSA Sign-Up form.