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Support Local Farms!

After seven wonderful CSA years we are going to give the land and laborers a rest this for 2022 & 2023! Look for produce, herbs and flowers for sale in our taproom starting in April!
I still LOVE all my CSA Members Forever!

Check back with us for the 2024 season!
~ Melody


PRODUCE Practices

We grow all our produce on site, in soil, and outside in our 2.5 acre garden. Starting mostly from seed, we grow seedlings to transplant starting with celery and onions in January; brassicas in February; tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in March and thousands of seeds in between.  While not certified, everything is grown using 100% organic practices, with no chemicals ever, using the life in the soil and above it to produce nutrient-rich, flavorful vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Each year over 30 different varieties of food are given to our members, made up of heirloom or native varieties chosen for our climate and maximum flavor.

Our next CSA season (2023) will run 16 weeks, with pickups on Mondays, Thursday or Friday in our brewery.  Two sizes are offered ("half" and "full") depending on your family size and cooking routine.

Space is limited each year to what our farm and produce, so if you're interested check out the sign up form now. We're also always happy to answer any questions you have, so don't hesitate to reach out about or growing practices, how the summer logistics work, or anything else! 



I'm addicted to growing flowers.  Even thou I"m taking a break from the CSA for 2022 we will continue to offer farm flower bouquets throughout the growing season on Thursdays and Fridays becuase its FUN! We grow a variety of flowers for our pollinators: gladiolas, zinnias, dahlias, daisies, strawflowers, gallardia, ammobium, salvia, monarda, mint, feverfew, bupleurum, snap dragons, yarrow, sunflowers, hyssop, lavender, statice, celosia, dianthus, sage, hollyhocks, gomphrena, echinacea, sunchokes, calendula, tansy, rudbeckia, bells of ireland, lilies, and many, many more.

Our flowers are picked fresh and arranged into bouquet each week.  By buying our Flowers, not only are you supporting our farm, but you're supporting our ability to maintain a diverse set of habitat for beneficial insects on our farm, including bees that service our on-site hives as well as other native pollinators and beneficial insects that help lower crop damage. 

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