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Farm Brewed Beers

Updated daily, however subject to change without notice here given our small batches.  Growlers and Crowlers available for most beers, ask in the taproom for availability and pricing.

“Lemongrass” Pils -- A soft malt bill steeped with dried farm-grown lemongrass during the boil, bringing out the grass’s lemony aroma and floral taste that works well with that typical, faint sulfur yeast character present in pilsners.  Crisp & dry.  5.2% ABV

“Hibiscus” Blonde Ale – A crisp clean blonde ale with hibiscus flowers added after fermentation.  Local hibiscus flowers from Sharkawi Farm in New Baltimore.  A nice, drinkable ale with a beautiful pink color plus a floral background and nice tart finish from the flowers.  5.3% ABV

“Viking” Aronia Ale - Earthy, floral and dry. This light bodied ale is brewed with juice from Viking Aronia Berries grown here on the farm. Also known as black chokeberries, they are highly nutritious and often called sour berries, denoting the astringent fruit that has been used to make tasty jams, jellies, pies and juice.  4.9%  ABV

Fig English Best Bitter  - Brewed with biscuit and light caramel malts from Murphy & Rude, as well as Fauquier grown Bloody Butcher Heirloom Corn. Dried figs added after fermentation from Steve, Jen and Lucy.  4.9% ABV

“The Pollinator” Irish Red Ale – A blend of 6 different malts gives this brew a nice roasty flavor balanced with a dash of earthy European hops.  Hawthorn berries picked from the Hawthorn tree that is native to Virginia and an important pollinator-friend – were added to the boil giving it a hint of cherry sweetness.  6.1% ABV

“The Greenway Extension” Berliner Weisse – Brewed with Virginia-grown calypso barley and malted wheat, this classic style was aged for a little over three months in Virginia wine barrels, ‘soured’ the traditional way with lactobacillus and time.  Clean from aging, slightly tart from the lacto fermentation, refreshing. Enjoy singly or with a shot of our farm grown *Add farm grown fruit reduction.


 “The Saxon” Schwarzbier – This smooth black lager is brewed light, with additions of our farm grown chicory root added to the boil.  The roasted chicory flavor lends hints of toffee to the roasty creaminess of the Murphy & Rude dark malt additions. 5.3% ABV

“Hazy Moon” IPA – Roughly based off of our flagship IPA, but an experiment using a brand new Virginia-grown, Virginia-malted Calipso variety barley.  A full hazy body helps emphasis the citrusy hops.   6.7% ABV


Barrel Aged “Virginia Winter” Biere de Garde – A local-focused version of France’s “beer for storing.” Brewed with five different richly flavored malts all grown & malted in Virginia.  Fermented cool and fully for a dry drinking beer with estery and peppery notes. A strong ale that also refreshes with a delicious stone fruit character.  8% ABV

Candy Roaster Porter - Brewed with 120 pounds of local Candy Roaster Squash, then roasted and added to the mash tun during the brewing process along with 100% Murphy and Rude malted barley. Chocolate, caramel, and roasty malt flavors add to the smoothness of the winter squash in this delicious local Porter. 6% ABV


“Sweet Potato” Stout – Brewed with over 130 pounds of our farm-grown sweet potatoes, roasted and then added to the mash.  A smooth stout with sweet carmel-ly notes from the sweet potatoes and Virginia-grown Biscuit, Cocoa and Chocolate malts from Charlottesville. 6.2% ABV

DRY HARD SELTZER FEATURING FARM INGREDIENTS - A crisp & very dry (as in: super-low residual sugar & low calorie) base with small-batch additions from the farm – all grown & processed here on the farm.  No outside flavorings or back-sweeteners.  Gluten-free.  Flavors vary -Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry or Elderberry. Current batch: 4.4% ABV

REMNANT FARM HARD KOMBUCHA - Kombucha is a fermented tea, using a wide range of various yeasts that create a semi-sweet, tart beverage that we referment with brewers’ yeasts for an alcoholic version.  

Flavors vary - ABV varies: 5% - 8%

Farm Made Non-Alcoholic

Soft Kombucha - A naturally fermented, non-alcoholic fizzy drink containing probiotics and flavored with ingredients from our farm.  Slightly tart, slightly sweet. 

House-Made Birch Rootbeer - Made on-site using simple ingredients. 

 Non-alcoholic Seltzer - Non-alcoholic soda made on site.

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