Farm Brewed Beers

Updated daily, however subject to change without notice here given our small batches.  Growlers and Crowlers available for most beers, ask at the tent for availability and pricing. 

“Lemongrass” Pils -- A soft malt bill steeped with dried farm-grown lemongrass during the boil, bringing out the grass’s lemony aroma and floral taste that works well with that typical, faint sulfur yeast character present in pilsners.  Crisp & dry.  5.1% ABV 

“Midlander” Lager -- This classic and unfiltered helles-style lager uses a recently rediscovered German yeast strain that was abandoned roughly 75 year ago for (very lame) production reasons.  Rediscovered by a lab and sensory tested and propagated locally by Jasper Yeast Lab, this beer has a super soft malt sweetness and subtle yeast flavor.  Bright & clean.  4.5% ABV 

“Hibiscus” Blonde Ale – A crisp clean blonde ale with hibiscus flowers added after fermentation.  Local hibiscus flowers from Sharkawi Farm in New Baltimore.  A nice, drinkable ale with a beautiful pink color plus a floral background and nice tart finish from the flowers.  5.3% ABV

“Elderflower” Kolsch  - An ale fermented cold with this hybrid yeast, unfiltered and slightly hazy from unmalted wheat, brewed with farm-grown fresh elderflowers which adds slight orange and grapefruit notes, balanced out with mild and earthy crystal and saaz hops. 5.3%ABV

“Shade Tree” Norwegian Blonde Ale - Brewed with peach tree leaves from our farm to give this brew a refreshing sweet flavor.  Fermented hot with a Norwegian farmhouse yeast known for its subtle mango, guava and pineapple esters.  Light and crisp.  5.2% ABV 

“Bramble” Blackberry Saison – We fermented this one warm with our French Saison yeast – all the way down to an FG of 1.002 – and then refermented it cold on whole berry, organically grown blackberries from our neighbor across the field.  Crisp with a clean saison flavor, and a great blackberry accent with both tart & fruity notes. 5.6% ABV 

Barrel Aged “Honeysuckle” Saison – Fresh foraged honeysuckle flowers were added during the brewing process with a flavorful malt profile from the Virginia-grown wheat and biscuit malt.  Fermented with a robust Virginia-native farmhouse yeast giving it a rich estery profile. Aged in wine barrels.  6.5% ABV

“Farmstead” IPA - In the style of a west coast IPA, this brew is fermented hot with Kveik yeast giving it tropical esters. Dry hopped with 4 varieties of hops, el dorado, mosaic, motueka, and hull melon adding pineapple, citrus, lemon, lime and honeydew melon flavor. 5.9% ABV

Bourbon Barrel-Aged “Trifolium” Stout – Sweet milk chocolate aroma, this low ABV stout was brewed for summer, featuring four different kinds of roasted, Virginia-grown malts, finished with Crystal hops and fresh red clover from our fields for an earthy roasty finish, balanced with touch of malty and red clover sweetness.  4.8%ABV

Farm Made Non-Alcoholic

Kombucha - A naturally fermented, non-alcoholic fizzy drink containing probiotics and flavored with ingredients from our farm.  Slightly tart, slightly sweet.  On tap now: strawberry. 

House-Made Birch Rootbeer - Made on-site using simple ingredients.